The Xerxys Operating System project was started in October 2005 by some former Nucleus developers (Jens Mühlenhoff and myself). We were doing this, because we thought it is cool to have an OS coded by ourselves ;). We’d like to see some concepts we had in mind for a long time running and working. It was never our intention to replace the more encouraged OS projects or commercial products.

That were our (planned) features of the project:

  • Small, simple, stable, secure (magic four ’s’) kernel (called Nucleus) with a highly portable API.
  • The only native process is a Virtual Machine (called Xam, now my Bean JVM project) that executes IL (Intermediate Language) executables (currently Java).
  • Drivers, Deamons and all other processes are coded in Java (or another language that can be compiled to Java Byte Code) and run on the VM.
  • Well documented source and structure.
  • Xerxys’ source is published under GPLv3 license.

The (now ancient) source code of XerxysOS/Nucleus of our first release can be downloaded here. I also wrote a simple testbench for the development of a Java ext2 filesystem driver. It’s basically a “Hello World” kernel that runs from a floppy disk image, loading a Hello Java class into the memory, switching to 386 protected mode and printing “Hello World” to the screen. That’s it.