5th International Workshop on Petri Nets,  Graph Transformation and other 

Concurrency Formalisms

PNGT 2012

September 29, 2012
Bremen, Germany


A Satellite Event of ICGT 2012

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aims & scope
PNGT 2012 is the fifth workshop of a series that serves as a forum for all researchers and practitioners interested in an exchange of ideas, notions, techniques between the fields of Petri nets, graph transformation and other specification formalisms of concurrent and distributed systems.

The increasing interest combining concepts of process algebra with those of graph transformation systems has lead to the broadening of this workshop's scope.The focus is now on general frameworks in which one can specify and reason about concurrent and distributed systems and their relation and combination with graph transformations. There are many areas where these theories overlap and this reaches much further than just using graphs to give a graphic representation to processes. The combination of both can lead to a better understanding, e.g. for  process analysis or abstract semantics of distributed systems. The mutual transfer of concepts and techniques bentfits both, e.g. compositionality or bisimulation congruences for graph transformationas as enjoyed by process algebras; or graphical implementation for processes.

The traditional topic -- the mutual influence of Petri nets and graph transformations -- remains in the worpshops focus. For instance, several approaches to the concurrent semantics of graph transformation systems as well as techniques for their analysis and verification are strongly influenced by the corresponding theories and constructions for Petri nets. Classical Petri net models have been integrated with graph transformation systems, e.g., in order to define rule-based changes in the net structure. This serves both for a stepwise refinement of Petri net models or for the specification of dynamically reconfiguring net.

Contributions should introduce new concepts and results, or discuss new perspectives regarding the mutual influence between the areas of graph transformations and Petri nets. The topics include but are not restricted to:
  • Graph transformation and Petri nets
    • Reconfigurable Petri nets
    • Petri nets for analysis or control of graph transformation systems
    • Petri net transformations and components
  • Graph transformation and  and other Concurreny Formalisms
    • Process algebras
    • Bigraphs
  • Common semantics concepts
  • Comparison of practical use
  • Exchange formats for tools
  & proceedings

Submitted papers may  be in the form of

  • full papers (up to 12 pages) or 
  • short papers providing work-in-progress descriptions (up to 7 pages)
Short and full papers should present original material, not published elsewhere. The accepted papers will be published in an issue of Electronic communication of the EASST. All authors of accepted contributions will be asked to present their work during the workshop. All submissions will be reviewed by the programme committee.

The referee process will managed using EasyChair

Important Dates

Abstract submission: 29 June 2012     extendend deadline
Full paper submission: 6  July  2012    extendend deadline
Notification of acceptance: 15 August 2012
Final version due: 7 September 2012


Paolo Baldan (Padova, Italy)
Benjamin Braatz (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Roberto Bruni (Pisa, Italy)
Andrea Corradini (Pisa, Italy)
Claudia Ermel (Berlin, Germany)
Ulrike Golas (Potsdam, Germany)
Frank Hermann (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
Kathrin Hoffmann (Hamburg, Germany)
Jetty Kleijn (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Michael Köhler-Bußmeier  (Hamburg, Germany)
Julia Padberg (HAW Hamburg, Germany)
The workshop is the fifth of a series that includes: 
schedule The workshop will be on September 29, 2012. A detailed program is available here.
Julia Padberg (HAW Hamburg, Germany)
Kathrin Hoffmann (HAW Hamburg, Germany)
contact info

Please do not hesitate to contact the organizers Julia Padberg and Kathrin Hoffmann if you have any questions:

Email: Julia.Padberg(at)haw-hamburg.de