Calculate your characters real weight

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The Attribute values must be given including bodyware, but excluding cyberware

Body Attribute
Strength Attribute
Quickness Attribute

The Charakters Weight is: 0lbs
BC: 0.6

The average weight and height information in the ShadowRun rules have long been known to be less than helpful, for they show blatant disregard of body mechanics and leave Trolls thin as stalks and Dwarfes round as a bowling ball. Keith Ammann looked at this problem and wrote a lengthy treatise on this problem a couple of years ago. This form merely automates the computation. I also added some handling of especially heavy cyber- and bodyware.

Body values increase the BC from .6 minmal value (for an anorexic adolescent), Strength increases it further, a lot if the Quickness value is low, less if the Quickness is high. This is due to the fact that muscle groups for fast strenght usually are more compact than hold or slow strength. Racial modifications are deducted, since they are already factored into the racial coefficient

The plain boring average, used as base for the computations. For average height of a Troll I took the middle point between the SR3 Rules and the text mentioned above, as I liked neither values. The weight is scaled up accordingly :

Human 3 3 3 1.7m 70Kg
Dwarf 4 5 3 1.2m
Elf 3 3 4 1.9m
Ork 6 5 3 1.9m
Troll 8 7 2 2.5m 287Kg