Generating RPMs from Perl Packages

building RPMs from CPAN packages is quite simple if you have a little helper called cpanflute2. Unfortunately the version delivered with sles9 (in the rpm package 'rpm') is horribly broken. My version has some fixes and includes some rudimentary usage info, that somebody stripped from the distributed version for some wierd reason.

The script is also included in the perl package RPM::Specfile. This perl package has been included into the rpm package by SuSE.

mkdir /tmp/cpanflute
cpanflute -tmpdir /tmp/cpanflute Your-Package-1.0.tar.gz
rpm -ih ./perl-Your-Package-1.0-8.src.rpm
rpmbuild -ba /usr/src/packages/SPECS/perl-Your-Package.spec
if you are using a Locale other than C_C, you may have to set the LANG environment variable, as the perl specfile module does not protect the format of the date string form the user locale (and it needs to be in C_C for rpmbuild to accept it)



Lutz Behnke