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You're very welcome to present your own ideas - or start from one of the following

Open Topics in Technologies for a Mobile Internet:

The emerging next generation Internet we expect to be mobile. Many protocols and supporting schemes are currently under design, optimisation or implementation. At a practical system level, with the help of simulation tools or by conceptional analysis thrilling subjects are around.

Open Topics in Peer-to-Peer Networks and Experimental Deployment on PlanetLab and G-LAB:

Beyond the current state of the Internet overlay networks evolve on the application layer. New, efficient and highly scalable peer-to-peer networks give rise to a wide variety of promising, infrastructure-transparent communication schemes, but may also augment network layer limitations. They can be immediately deployed and realistically tested on a world-wide platform, as we are member of the PlanetLab and the G-LAB consortia.

Open Topics in eLearning & Hypermedia:

Hypermedia and semantic processing are rich fields for application-level distributed systems - all based on the XML framework. eLearning brings a comprehensive set of standardised metadata into the game, all implemented within the quite advanced hylOS platform.

Open Topics in Internet Communication, QoS & Network Management:

Traditional networking prospects combined with current protocols and new ideas give rise to new features ... or new applications.


Ongoing Work:

Completed Thesis':